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As a non-profit organization, we rely mostly on donor funding for all our project activities. Without funding
support and in-kind donations, it would be impossible to carry out our various programme and achieve our


 The Baobab Trust gratefully acknowledges the support of the following organizations:

· Bamburi Cement Ltd. – Mombasa, Kenya
· Lafarge Eco Systems, Mombasa, Kenya
· The Haller Foundation UK / Haller Kenya – NGO in Kenya
· Kuoni International - Switzerland
· Kenya Sea Turtle Conservation Committee (Kescom)
· Individual donors - local and overseas


Baobab Trust Projects

Sustainable Agriculture

The Mtopanga Training and Demonstration Farm is a 10hec farm with a variety of vegetables and fruits organically grown. Livestock and poultry keeping including an integrated fish farming system and alternative technology makes up the demonstration farm at the same time a Training facility. With a number of components on the farm each structure is
interlinked, providing and benefiting each other. Hence, ensuring it is a continuous process all on the same land. Since all these are set-up on together, we offer community and the surrounding stakeholders
technical advice, trainings tours. We also welcome farmers and interested individuals to visit the farm. Hence the farm is open to all who are interested in sustainable farming. We work very closely with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

We offer trainings on organic farming, integrated fish farming, livestock and poultry keeping, bee keeping, alternative energy including biogas. Compost, tree nursery set-up and charcoal making. Our trainings are based on hands-on training for the communities and surrounding stakeholders.

Educational Tours:
School groups and Institutions are taken on a tour around
the farm.

Open Field Days:
About twice a year, an Open-Field Day is hosted to the local Farmers, Institutions, Schools and Individuals. The Farm is set up to demonstrate various farming methods using basic affordable techniques that can be applied to their own farms. This day is coordinated with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock..

Sea Turtle Conservation


The Sea Turtle Conservation Programme began in 1989, one of the very first projects of the Trust. Only one nest was reported then. As turtles are listed endangered species, various turtle conversation groups have been formed in Kenya. As one of the very first organizations to commence this project, it was pleasing to see it grow and today there are 18 groups along the Kenyan Coast. In addition to being dedicated to the program, a hatchery has been built in Bamburi – North Coast where translocated eggs from unsecured nesting sites are brought in for incubation. Once the eggs hatch, the hatchlings are released into the sea during high tide. A turtle ranger patrols the Jumba Ruins beach at night. And will also tag turtles coming ashore to lay eggs. The close link formed over the years with the local fishermen have made our project successful, who report nesting sites entangled turtles as well as mortality reports. An incentive is rewarded for the same. We also work hand in hand with Kenya Wildlife Service and KESCOM. Monthly data and annuals are shared with them..

Nguuni Nature Sanctuary

Situated along the Nguu Tatu Hills (3 hills), this amazing sanctuary in a completely natural surrounding is only 4km from the Bamburi Cement Factory. Giraffes, elands, oryx, waterbucks, ostriches and many species of birds have made their home here. Offering you a place to relax, get together with friends and families, celebrate a birthday or even your special
occasion – wedding day!

Educational tours for both individuals and schools are
available. Including a pleasant bird walk along rain-fed ponds inhabited by fish and birds. For Birders, a Wetland gives you the opportunity to see various species of birds. A Game drive along the sanctuary gives you a good view of the area. Large Doum Palm crowned by Leopard Orchids are scattered in the grassland. You will get to see all at a close range the animals of the sanctuary.


Picnic Sites and a BBQ Sundowner are on site. Enjoy a drink or a dinner around a campfire as you watch a beautiful sunset.

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