Our Ongoing Projects

As one of the very first organizations to commence this project, 18 various turtle
conversation groups have been formed to protect these endangered species


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The Mtopanga Training and Demonstration Farm is a 10hec farm with a variety of vegetables and fruits organically grown

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This amazing sanctuary in a completely natural surrounding is only 4km from the Bamburi Cement Factory. Giraffes, elands, oryx, waterbucks, ostriches and many species of birds have made their home here

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How You Can Help Us...


As a non-profit organisation, the Trust relies on the generosity of individual donors, volunteers and charitable trusts and foundations to fund its projects. There are a number of ways you can help:





From a one-off donation to monthly or annual gift, your donations ensures that communities, families and children we work with will continue to achieve safe water, food security and receive the tools they need through our educational programmes.

£50 will purchase corrugated tin for a roof on a family home and guttering which then enables a family to harvest rain water for drinking

£50 will provide food and shelter for 1 of our 11 resident Giraffes at Nguuni Nature Sanctuary.

£100 will provide attendees on our Farmer Field Training courses with a Starter Pack - consisting of saplings for tree nurseries, fish, poultry, seeds and basic tools.

£380 delivers one 3 Day Farmer Field Training Course for up to 20 attendees.

£3,000 will help build and equip a computer room in our Education Centre enabling us to run Free IT workshops teaching Word Processing and Spreadsheets skills for one year!

£10,000 will help us to build two life changing dams ensuring communities have access to safe water!

If you prefer to write us a cheque, please make it payable to:

The Haller Foundation
7 Hungershall Park
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
United Kingdom
TN4 8NE.

Giving is easier than ever! Convenient online donations are accepted via JustGiving and PayPal. If you are a UK taxpayer, please consider Gift Aiding your donation.


A key element of the success of Dr. Haller’s work has been the continual innovation and implementation of the ideas and knowledge gained from many research projects undertaken by the Baobab Trust and its volunteers.

Current Opportunities

Openings exist for volunteers/students to spend three months at the Trust on the understanding that they will undertake research into areas outlined by Dr. Haller for the Baobab Trust. A scientific background is usually necessary and students studying plant or animal sciences will find many opportunities to broaden their practical experience. Applicants are required to submit a letter of reference from their school/university. Guidance will be provided in weekly meetings with Dr. Haller or the head of the project. Each student will be required to produce a written analysis of the project at the end of the period.

There are occasionally opportunities for students of architecture to spend some time volunteering with the Baobab Trust.

Accommodation is provided by Baobab Trust for which there is a small charge – in simple and secure cottages. Rooms are clean, furnished and have running water and electricity. Volunteers are responsible for their own living and travel expenses.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Trust, please contact Sonal Singh at the Baobab Trust, or Louise Piper at the Haller Foundation.


Buy The Book

About this amazing book......
The book presents in detail the remarkable history of the transformation of the Bamburi Quarries into the tropical paradise they are today.

Rene Haller recalls "The ugly wasteland expanded annual by tens of thousands of square meters. No plants seemed able to establish themselves. I spent countless hours in the hot dusty barren land, found a few ferns and perhaps half a dozen grasses struggling to take root - it was hardly an encouraging environment for tree planting. However one day I discovered in a remote part of the quarry five small casuarina trees . Finally I had found some life which inspired me - a glimmer of hope giving a direction which might be worthwhile following".

Buy the book and discover what has been achieved in the last thirty years.

Cost £25.00 inc P+P.

All proceeds to the Baobab Trust.

Please make a cheques payable to:
The Haller Foundation

Send orders with payment to:
The Haller Foundation
7 Hungershall Park
Tunbridge Wells

We regret that credit cards are not yet accepted.